Wednesday, 7 February 2018

I'm Not Anasuya's Guardian: Rashmi

It is well known by now that anchor Anasuya's rash behaviour with a kid's phone hasn't gone well in the social media circuits. With people criticising this married anchor severely, she has temporarily disabled all of her social media accounts on twitter, facebook and Instagram.
With Anasuya out of the scene, many people started targetting her co-anchor of Jabardasth program, Rashmi Gautham. And as they are advising her to give a piece of advice to Anasuya about behaving with the public, Rashmi says in a line, "I'm not her guardian". But she adds something more to her dear friend. 

"Yes, she is a dear friend and I know her. Among both of us, I'm the rudest one and I absolutely do not encourage selfies, but she is one who is always extra sweet to selfie mongers. She was at her mother's place picking her kids up and there is no way she would have pulled a phone from a kids hand and thrashing it", says Rashmi, as she shots back at the trollers. "I know her better", she concludes. 

Adding further Rashmi stated that she gets scared sometimes when people follow her car on bikes and she's worried if something will happen to them during that rash driving. In the end, she wants to finish with one line, "We all have the right to our privacy". That's Rashmi for you folks!!

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