Sunday, 11 March 2018

In Discussion: Chay-Sam's 'No Breakup' Rule?

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There are very rare instances where real-life couples do share screen on the silver screen as man and wife. While Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai enjoyed such craze in Bollywood, now Naga Chaitanya and Samantha are getting similar attention.
Usually, married hero and heroine don't like to get portrayed in one particular way. They don't want to see the characters they play getting breakups and ending up with someone else. That brings up to a doubt now, if ChaySam has laid any condition to director Siva Nirvana regarding their next. 

In the recent times, we have seen Chay breaking up with two girls and ending up with a third one in Premam. And then Siva's debut film Ninnu Kori will have heroine married to someone else than the lead hero Nani. Going by that, will these two dare to do something like that with Samantha there? 

Some say that #ChaySam would have laid the rule of 'no breakup' between their characters. Whether they laid any such rule or not, fans don't want to see them breaking up on silver screen even in a scene. Let's see how the film turns up. 

Pawan Kalyan's New House in Guntur in 2 Acres

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Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is going to construct a grand bungalow in Andhra Pradesh's capital city Guntur. Pawan had bought 2 Acres of land near Khaja village in Guntur and the Bhumi Pooja ceremony is going to be held today (March 12, 2018) morning. 

Apparently, Pawan is holding the Pooja ceremony in a highly secret and private manner. Sahithi Constructions is going to develop and construct the bungalow in Pawan's land. 

Only very few closed friends have been invited for the Bhumi Pooja. In order to restrict fans, large crowd, the sources close to Pawan have kept the news under the wraps.

The land is in prime region as it's near Khaja tollgate in Guntur. With this, Pawan Kalyan's address will be changed from Hyderabad (Telangana) to Guntur (Andhra Pradesh). As elections are fast approaching, Pawan's move to change his address to the new state is seen as a very wise move among political circuits.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Upasana's Special Advice To Charan And Boyapati

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More than Ram Charan's personal PR or the publicity people of the films he's doing, these days his wife Upasana Kamineni is giving more info about his day to day moves. Recently she confirmed that Charan wrapped the shooting of Rangasthalam completely and moving out of Chitti Babu character.
Reports are now coming that Upasana is calling shots on Boyapati Sreenu's film as well. No, she's neither interfering int he script nor any creative decisions. But she's said to be giving some tips to the team about the shooting plan. Even Boyapati and his producer are also listening and implementing her tips, they say. 

Apparently, when Charan was shooting for Rangasthalam in harsh summer last year in the locales around Rajahmundry, heroine Samantha fainted out on the sets. Reminding the team of such untoward incidents, it's heard that Upasana now advised them to not shoot in South India as the mercury is already soaring here with March heading for a record temperature already. 

With Boyapati's film naturally having many outdoor scenes, most of the chases scenes done in exteriors, we have to see how he plans now basing on Upasana's tips. 

Omkar Anchor Annayya Is Back And How!

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Anchor Omkar has long back taken Telugu television by a storm when he hosted a string of game shows. Especially the "Aata" dance show changed the way game shows will be hosted forever. His addition of melodrama, exaggerated tensions and emotional touches to that show has become a TRP raking weapon for everyone right now.
After switching his name from Omkar to Ohmkar, he moved from television to silver screen and turned a director. Though he scored a hit with Raju Gari Gadhi, he seems to have lost no interest in hosting game shows. Coming up with a new beard look, he's now set to entertain small screen audiences with "Sixth Sense" game show. 

Cutting the promo like a Hollywood film teaser, Ohmkar now says, 'I'm back' and we have to agree that he's really sounding like he's back. But will he be back to scoring a TRP raking super hit on Star Maa with this game show? That's what time will answer, but many are expecting to see the 'Annayya' kind of episodes in this show. 

Ohmkar's game show Aata has many contestants calling him 'Annayya' repeatedly and also some fell on his feet while saying the same. But this game show "Sixth Sense" is likely to feature celebrities, so we may miss such Annayya kind of emotional outbursts. 

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Teaser Talk: Kaala In Kabali Hangover

Superstar Rajnikanth is coming up with his latest movie "Kaala" on April 27th across the globe. And after a lot of dillydallying finally the teaser of this Pa Ranjith directorial has arrived. Here is how it is.
Kaala happens to be the leader of a slum in Mumbai while Nana Patekar is the Marathi politician worried about his presence. Guarding that slum and welfare of his people is the agenda of Karikalan, played by Rajnikanth. And the rest of story sounds like a routine masala flick. One look at the teaser and it sounds like "Kabali" hangover written all over. 

Whether it is Rajnikanth's salt and pepper look, his unique way of sitting on a chair and challenging opponents, the background score given by Santosh Narayan including the whistle sounds, a single frame of Huma Qureshi looking like another Radhika Apte- in a way it sounds like pretty much "Kabali" which was also carved by the same director. 

On the other side, we have to say that this is going to be a pucca mass masala commercial entertainer in typical Rajnikanth format as the trailer promises all sorts of entertainment. Also, the film might form a perfect roll out for his political journey as it deals with downtrodden people and the way Rajni fights like a champion for their issues.

Heroine Donates Eyes, Gets Trolled

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Your past is going to haunt you until and unless you're clear at your vision. If you preach one thing and practice something else, definitely this digital age will bring you under a scrutiny. The same thing is happening with dusky siren Amala Paul right now.
Other day this talented Mallu lady attended the inauguration of a hospital in Pondicherry and pledged to donate her eyes. After cutting the ribbon, she has signed the big form giving her consent to donate eyes post-death. Not stopping there, she announced later on social media that she will now work extensively in the eye-care field now as 10 million people in India are suffering from blindness. She even announced the launch of "Amala Home" foundation to garner funds for eye surgeries for the poor. 

This didn't go well with netizens as some replied in no time, "First you pay your damn tax". It's known that Amala Paul is facing legal investigation for getting her luxury car registered in Pondicherry with fake documents to evade tax though she lives in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala all the time. That's the reason many netizens trolled her that way. 

Another comment being heard is that Amala attended this inauguration in Pondicherry and opened her foundation also in Pondicherry only. Is it something to prove that she lives in Pondicherry but not Kerala? Something fishy!!

Friday, 23 February 2018

Fans Stormed To Nani's Office In The Midnight

Last night it has been a tense situation with more than a hundred fans thronging the office of hero Nani. Naturally, fans rush to shooting spots or for muhurat events, but why did they go to his office last night?
Hero Nani, born as Naveen Babu Ghanta, on 24 February 1984 turns 34 years old today. For that reason, fans wanted to wish him exactly at 12'o clock in the night and stormed to his office with bouquets and cakes. With the number of fans increasing in no time, finally, Nani is said to have requested Hyderabad police to clear them all. 

Well, generally we see fans storming to hero's office in the case of some big stars only. But coming as a small hero with no background in the film industry and now reaching a position where fans will reach out to him in the midnights with cakes, is a really big achievement. For that, we need to appreciate this talented hero. 

After scoring back to back hits in the recent times, Nani's upcoming film Krishnarjuna Yuddham will release on April 12th, as of now.

Happy Birthday, Nani!!

In Discussion: Chay-Sam's 'No Breakup' Rule?

There are very rare instances where real-life couples do share screen on the silver screen as man and wife. While Abhishek and Aishwary...